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O.F.A.C. Sanctions Attorneys

Most people have never heard of O.F.A.C. until they face a waking nightmare of circumstances in which their names are placed on a government watch list and they are forced to deal with the freezing of business and personal assets around the world.  The regulations and enforcement of international law by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (O.F.A.C.) can be far-reaching and devastating.  The O.F.A.C. is an agency within the U.S. Department of the Treasury which is tasked with regulation and enforcement of economic sanctions and trade embargoes involving foreign countries or targeted persons.  The O.F.A.C. seeks to ensure national security efforts are not compromised and that the foreign policy objectives of the Unites States are achieved.  O.F.A.C. Law is exceptionally complex, as its legal authority can be achieved through executive orders, legislation and international agreements.  But innocent people and their families can and do end up on the O.F.A.C. list.

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See why countless innocent persons have worked with The Washington International Law Center to handle their O.F.A.C. Sanctions cases.


With a background as former prosecutors, Attorney Arturo Corso and the network of attorneys around the world working for The Washington International Law Center are well versed in the tactics selected by opposing counsel.


O.F.A.C. Licensure is the first step to ensure your case is handled properly. Attorneys at The Washington International Law Center can start working on your case today.


The Washington International Law Center is an international law office of fully bilingual attorneys, as we have worked with numerous clients from Mexico, Colombia and other Latin American countries. The attorneys of The Washington International Law Center are available to serve clients in federal courts and state courts in your home country.


Often times these types of charges are confusing and frustrating for families and loved ones involved. Attorneys at The Washington International Law Center have distinguished themselves as trustworthy advocates.


Federal Drug Conspiracies

While O.F.A.C. laws are designed to protect the interests of the United States, there are unfortunately numerous occasions where the broad reach of O.F.A.C. extends too far and impacts innocent families and individuals.  Attorneys at The Washington International Law Center are compassionate warriors who build relationships with families to aggressively fight for those that are impacted by O.F.A.C. sanctions.

There are numerous O.F.A.C. sanctions that exist, and often times individuals are charged with crimes involving Federal Drug Conspiracies.  As a former Prosecutor, Arturo Corso, is just one of the attorneys at The Washington International Law Center who understands the course of action that is needed to pursue your case in the most effective, efficient, and cost-effective manner.  If you have a loved one that is being impacted by O.F.A.C. sanctions, the time to act is now – contact The Washington International Law Center today.

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